Contemporary dance is the abstract coalescence of all forms of dance, while rooted in Western technique, it is not beholden only to that form; it is the continuation and evolution of modern technique, and as such, draws heavily upon each individual’s specific training. Utilizing my eclectic background in contemporary, hip-hop, and judo, I strive to create a new dynamic form of dance. Judo’s gentle but strong weight manipulation, breaking’s dynamic floorwork, popping’s contrasting fluidity and punctuation, and classic ballet technique inspire and move me to create a new aesthetic. 



I find myself investigating the intricacies of texture and dynamic.  Playing in the folds of space and time. Trying to embrace the struggle of creativity in a changing world.


Moving fully, feeling deeply, breathing constantly



Dancing allows me to drift beyond empty space. Here a current swiftly fills my body and the extremities of mental fatigue fade away. My focus is unclear, maybe a general concept yet no exact certainty. Vigorously I fight for a pathway while softly being touched by the continual slight breeze I leave behind. My chest is filled with fire bursting forth through the borders of my veins. As the fire fills my lungs, I sink into a deep trance. Therefore, I dance, I move, I create, I search to never forget this feeling.


Trillium Dance Collective is a dance and movement organization based in Seattle, WA. Our goal is to adapt our unique technical background, and create contemporary movement for the screen.



Guest Artist

I am currently a freshman at George Mason University's School of Dance. I started dancing when I was four years old with an emphasis in classical ballet, and I have always enjoyed the expressive nature of the art form. In my current training I have been exploring the balance of athletic and intellectual demands within dance as well as expanding my modern dance vocabulary. I hope to continue to making dance a foundational part of my life.